Packaging Ordinance Germany (Verpackungsverordnung/VerpackV)

The Packaging Ordinance (Verpackungsverordnung/VerpackV) is the directive of the European Parliament and the Council on packaging and packaging waste, according KrW-/AbfG (Germany). This Packaging Ordinance is intended to avoid the impact of packaging waste on the environment or to reduce it. The reuse of packaging, recycling and other forms of recovery have priority over the disposal of sales packaging.

In order to achieve the objectives, the Packaging Ordinance was last updated by the 5th Amendment. Since 01 January 2009 additional obligations for the companies were issued, especially for "Manufacturers and retailers, who place sales packages filled with goods on the market that typically find its way into the scope of end-consumers". Even mail order companies and internet retailers are not exempt.

The regulation applies to all packaging within the scope of the KrW-/AbfG, regardless of whether they occur in industry, commerce, households, the service sector or elsewhere, and regardless of the material from which they are made.

The Packaging Ordinance distinguishes between sales packaging, outer packaging and transport packaging. All packaging that find its way into the scope of end-consumers are basically sales packaging. This includes all other packaging materials such as excelsior, enveloping films, chips and bubble bags.

All "first distributors" of filled with goods packaging that typically occur at end-consumers need to participate in one of the "dual systems" on the market to ensure that each packaging has been licensed before finding its way into the scope of end-consumers.

If certain material-dependent thresholds (80 tons of glass, 50 tons of paper, paperboard and cardboard, and 30 tons of other material) are exceeded, a "complete declaration" (Vollständigkeitserklärung, VE) has to be deposited at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The licensing requirement does not apply if the first distributor ensures the "self-reduction" of the packages by taking part in a special industry-specific solution. The industry solution must be audited by an independent expert, however, and reported to the competent state authority.

Since the 5th Amendment of the Packaging Ordinance were issued, the duty to notify the taking back and the duty to display the participation in a "dual system" by marking the packaging is no longer required from manufacturers and distributors.

take-e-way will inform you about any further details of the Packaging Ordinance and will help you with the practical implementation in your company. Thus, we make sure that all requirements of the Packaging Ordinance are met on time and within the law.