2020 - the next generation of product responsibility

2020 - the next generation of product responsibility

12. November 2019, Stuttgart

Photo: © Daniel Stauch


Dear take-e-way customers,
dear VERE-members, 

at the threshold of the third decade of the new millennium, product responsibility has now reached a crossroads. 

With legislators constantly enacting new or amended regulations with increasing frequency, and market players having less and less time to integrate these regulations into their operational processes, legislators are failing to eliminate known points of conflict and to take advantage of opportunities to reduce bureaucracy. An increasing mass of independent and partly contradictory regulations in combination with language barriers and partly large scope for interpretation, not to mention administrative complexity, are meeting with time constraints, financial (and, above all, human) capacity and acceptance limits.

Conversely, there is a media-savvy phalanx of supranational institutions that subject both enterprises as well as policymakers to close scrutiny with immense public impact, unveiling system errors and unachieved goals.

Dealers, manufacturers and importers are faced with unequal competition from all those free riders who benefit from lower costs and higher sales due to non-compliance with statutory parameters and offer unsafe products at the same time. In the final analysis, those players acting in conformity with the law can no longer hold their own in the market, rendering product responsibility absolutely absurd.

Ultimately, consumers cannot rely on the protective effect of numerous laws and regulations and must establish at their own risk which products they wish to opt for.

take-e-way and the association VERE e.V. bring together the participants of many and various interest groups and the present hot topics on a day and at a location to foster the exchange of views in order to approach the following decade of product responsibility in a constructive and solution-oriented way. We would very much appreciate and look forward to your support by participating personally in the joint dialogue with political and government representatives. 

After the event, you are welcome to take part in a guided tour of the Mercedes-Benz Arena. As the number of places is limited, please register at your earliest convenience.

Please register here.

Silke Meyer will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about registration, accommodation and other organisational topics: info@vereev.de or +49/40/750687-200.


09:30 hArrival of participants, registration and coffee
10:00 hOpening address (Oliver Friedrichs, Hjalmar Vierle)

A) Policymakers and public authorities

10:10 hProduct responsibility has hit a snag. Why? What can we do to change this?
Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy Baden-Württemberg (Harald Notter)
10:30 hProduct responsibility 2020 – Tasks and Targets for the New Decade Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (Boris Böhme) – requested –
10:50 hWEEE – Single EU format for registration and reporting and further harmonisation approaches by the Commission

European Commission (Bettina Lorz)

B) Central offices and systems

11:10 hThe German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (Elektrogesetz) – the European WEEE Registers Network, a successful model? Foundation EAR/German WEEE Registration board (Alexander Goldberg)
11:30 hGerman Packaging Act close to 1st anniversary – an interim assessment of the Packaging Register Central Agency Packaging Register Foundation (Dr. Bettina Sunderdiek)
11:50 hGerman Battery Act – the future of battery returns in Germany take-e-way GmbH (Imke May)
12:10 hExpert discussion: Is a uniform approach to product responsibility under waste law for different products – both at national level and EU-wide – impossible? (Presenter: Oliver Friedrichs)
12:30 hLunch break

C) Business representatives

13:30 hExpert panel discussion: Influences of product responsibility on the economy

Otto GmbH & Co. KG (Olaf Dechow), BSH Hausgeräte GmbH (Christian Dworak), stationary trade representatives (N. N.)

(Presenter: Oliver Friedrichs)

D) Specialist topics – even more product responsibility

14:00 hThe new EU Market Surveillance Regulation – what lies ahead for manufacturers and distributors?
Noerr LLP (Dr. Arun Kapoor)
14:20 hMarketability testing – solutions for legally compliant trading

TMK Retail Service & Consulting GmbH (Thomas Müller-Krusche)
14:40 h Acting correctly when dealing with administrative offence proceedings and injunctions

Prof. Versteyl Rechtsanwälte (Dr. Holger Jacobj)
15:00 hThe authorised representative as contemplated by the ElektroG – a one-way street? The new full-size solution, including the Product Safety Act get-e-right GmbH (Hjalmar Vierle)

E) Is product responsibility still viable?

15:20 hHoles in the Circular Economy: WEEE Leakage from Europe Greenpeace (Manfred Santen)
15:40 hWays of increasing the return and recycling quotas for waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries German Environment Agency (Björn Bischoff)
16:00 hFinal discussion and outlook: Unachieved collection quotas, dying systems, uncontrolled imports – is product responsibility at the end of its tether? (Presenter: Oliver Friedrichs)
16:20 hIndividual talks and wrapping up
17:00 hGuided tour of the Mercedes-Benz-Arena (end of the official event)
17:45 hEnd of the event

Event information

Location: Mercedesstraße 87, 70372 Stuttgart/Germany
Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2019, from 9:30h to 17:00h
Organizer: VERE e.V., take-e-way GmbH
Presenter: Oliver Friedrichs (VERE e.V. / take-e-way GmbH)
Attendance vat: 450,00 Euro plus VAT

Free attendance for VERE members, take-e-way customers and partners



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