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WEEE Full Service (ElektroG)


take-e-way WEEE Full Service is suitable for companies looking for one single partner for all tasks: consulting, registration, provision of guarantee and trusteeship, input and output reporting, disposal organization, monitoring etc.
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Batteries Act Full Service (BattG)

Batteries Act

take-e-way advises all customers and prospective customers extensively to the German Batteries Act (BattG). Furthermore, take-e-way offers a Batteries Act Full Service for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and sole proprietorships which offer batteries or accumulators on the German market.
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Packaging Law Full Service (VerpackG)

Packaging Law

Ensure your simple and cost-efficient full service solution for the licencing of packaging according Packaging Law now.
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Packaging Ordinance Full Service (VerpackV)

Packaging Ordinance

take-e-way offers the licensing of sales packaging in accordance with the Packaging Ordinance. Our service includes the collection, sorting and recycling as well as the legally compliant documentation of sales packaging that is marketed and reported within the Federal Republic of Germany.
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Market Compliance Check by take-e-way

MarCo Marktfähigkeitsprüfung

take-e-way offers a market compliance check that allows you to place only safe and compliant products on the EU market. take-e-way can identify your individual statutory product requirements in your target country in the EU by a special marketability test and reviews your product documentation.
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Ecodesign Service by take-e-way (ErP/EuP)

Ecodesign (ErP/EuP)

take-e-way offers the determination of stand-by consumption, power consumption, sound level, noise level and of the materials used in common household utensils, equipment and IT facilities.
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CE Service by take-e-way

CE marking

take-e-way offers manufacturers, importers and distributors a comprehensive advice and CE testing assistance along the process chain, whether product development, volume production hedging or risk management.
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RoHS Service by take-e-way


take-e-way offers specifically tailored RoHS testing especially for manufacturers, distributors and retailers such as the inspection of documents based on components certificates, RoHS Screening (RFA method) and chemical analysis.
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REACh Service by take-e-way


take-e-way offers specifically developed consulting services for distributors and importers who want to comply with REACh and gives advice on how to comply with the requirements of REACh by individual counsulting and trainings.
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