New registration obligation for packaging in Spain

The Spanish packaging law obliges producers to register their packaging. Distributors from abroad must also register through an authorised representative if they sell packaged products in Spain.

Document titled GPSR with a magnifying glass placed over a warning sign
General Product Safety Regulation (EU) 2023/988 obliges
GPSR Risk Analysis Required

Mandatory for almost every product: According to the GPSR, producers must draw up technical documentation for the products they place on the market. The technical documentation must be based on an internal risk analysis.

Icon of a document being signed
General Product Safety Regulation requires Responsible Person
EU Responsible Person Service for the GPSR and more

Since 16 July 2021, it is against the law to sell products with CE marking without a Responsible Person in the EU. In addition, a Responsible Person must also be specified in accordance with the General Product Safety Regulation (EU) 2023/988.

Personal EU Batteries Regulation Training
Ready for the new Batteries Regulation (EU) 2023/1542

Find out which obligations the EU Batteries Regulation places on you and how to deal with them in your specific case. Receive comprehensive information on how to implement your obligations with regard to labelling, battery passport, EPR and due diligence obligations in the supply chain.


Furniture Registration:
Get your UIN for Furniture
in France

Are you facing problems with the registration of furniture on the french market? 

  • Complicated registration processes and regulations
  • Difficult reporting process

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The EPR regulations related to furniture in France

According to the French Environmental Code and the Art. R. 541-10-6., since 1 January 2012, when manufacturing, importing or putting furniture onto the market, the producer defined by law is responsible for collecting and processing the waste generated by these products at the end of their life cycle. 

UIN of furniture:

  • According to the relevant law, the French government decided to issue an Unique Identification Number (UIN) for every producer placing particular products on the French market. 
  • Therefore, if you are considered to be a producer of furniture under the French law, you have to comply with this regulation and join an accredited eco-organisation.   


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Am I affected by the French law to register furniture?

My company is located in France.

Manufacturer of Furniture

Yes! If you are a manufacturer in France, then you have the obligation to register. "Manufacturer" refers to the manufactuer, who produces furniture in a factory based in France.

French Importer of Furniture

Yes! If your company is located in France and you import furniture from foreign countries to France, then you have the obligation to register.

French Distributor of Furniture

No, if you are based in France and you purchase furniture from a French manufacturer and sell in France, then you don't have the obligation to register. Your manufacturer should register.

My company is not located in France.

Manufacturer of Furniture

No, if you are a foreign manufacturer, who produces furniture in a factory located out of France, then you are not affected. However, if you also sell to France, then please see the next box for more info.

Selling Furniture to French Companies

No, if you sell furniture to French companies or shops, then you are not obliged to register. However, you can take over the obligation of your distributors in France on a voluntary base.

Distance selling to French end-users

Yes! If you are selling furniture from abroad directly to the end-users in France, you are obliged to register.

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Which category of furniture should be registered in France?

All furniture and related components are concerned.

Please note that this applies to all the material, whether the product is finished, semi-finished or simply a component.

Lounge/Dining Room

Occasional Furniture







Please note that the following items belong also to furniture:

Duvets and Pillows

Mattresses and Beds/Bedding

Technical Furniture

What will take-e-way do for you?

take-e-way frees you from the complicated processes to obtain UIN numbers in France.

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  •     Make sure that every step of the registration is compliant 
  •     You declare easily via our portal on a monthly basis. 

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