International Packaging Compliance

Trade packaging legally compliant worldwide

Are you a large or a small packaging producer? Are you obliged to use the Green Dot or other trademarks? Do you have to submit detailed or simplified quantity declarations? 

In order to comply with Packaging Waste Regulations, it is imperative to be updated with the laws and different national legislations. This is a complicated task because every country has diverse legal requirements, thresholds and juridical issues that must be taken into consideration to avoid non-compliance events and government enforcement actions.

We would also be happy to clarify for you in which countries there is an obligation to register packaging, electronic devices and batteries at all. Please contact us personally to find out which laws apply in which country of sale - because there is not always a registration obligation for all three categories mentioned.

We provide advice and operative support to importers, producers and resellers of articles that contain packaging.

We offer

  • Identification and assessment of countries where you are obliged by the national packaging law
  • Compliance with your legal obligations as a producer or importer of packaging products
  • Coordination, examination and supervision of international legal documentation
  • Support from experienced compliance advisors specialized on your target countries
  • One single portal for all countries and registrations
  • Regular monitoring of legislative developments
  • We speak your language
  • And much more - please contact us for more information!

Compliance services at a glance

  • Consultation on all aspects of your legal obligations in your countries of sale
  • Packaging registration with the relevant authorities / compliance schemes
  • Environmental sustainability: your packaging waste will be treated in an eco-friendly process
  • Personalised online member account
  • Online reporting portal
  • Monitoring of all relevant data submission deadlines
  • Punctual data submission to authorities / Packaging compliance schemes

Benefits of joining us

  • Founded in 2004, take-e-way is one of the most experienced service providers worldwide
  • We are the trusted partner for over 6000 clients
  • We have a worldwide partnership network with more than 100 partners
  • We cooperate with governmentally approved authorised representatives and take-back schemes

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