New registration obligation for packaging in Spain

The Spanish packaging law obliges producers to register their packaging. Distributors from abroad must also register through an authorised representative if they sell packaged products in Spain.

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WEEE Germany Registration until 1.7.2023

Quickly register now Elektrogesetz / WEEE in Germany

As take-e-way already reported, operators of electronic marketplaces and fulfilment service providers have to check from 01.07.2023 whether producers/traders have duly registered their electrical and electronic devices with the EAR Foundation (German WEEE and battery registration board). If manufacturers (sellers can also be producers within the meaning of the ElektroG) or authorised representatives are not or not properly registered, operators of electronic marketplaces may not enable the offering or provision of their electrical and electronic equipment.

Check here if you need a WEEE registration in Germany

Who is or is deemed to be a producer in the sense of the ElektroG (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act / WEEE Germany) is defined in § 3 number 9 ElektroG.

Amazon validates WEEE registration

As take-e-way customers report, Amazon is already taking its forthcoming ElektroG inspection obligation very seriously. Thus, take-e-way has received an Amazon letter with the subject "Action needed - EPR Requirement for EEE", in which Amazon requests its sales partners to enter the WEEE registration number in the Amazon Compliance Portal, which Amazon will validate with the relevant government authority or producer responsibility organisation (PRO). Amazon requires WEEE registration by 5 June. From this date, Amazon will begin suspending non-compliant listings in order to meet the legal EPR requirements in a timely manner. Amazon EU shops are also affected by the ElektroG: If you do nothing, your non-compliant ASINs may be deactivated in Germany from 5 June. As a result, your offers in other EU shops will also be affected and you will no longer benefit from the advantages of pan-European shipping through Amazon.

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