New registration obligation for packaging in Spain

The Spanish packaging law obliges producers to register their packaging. Distributors from abroad must also register through an authorised representative if they sell packaged products in Spain.

Personal EU Batteries Regulation Training
Ready for the new Batteries Regulation (EU) 2023/1542

Find out which obligations the EU Batteries Regulation places on you and how to deal with them in your specific case. Receive comprehensive information on how to implement your obligations with regard to labelling, battery passport, EPR and due diligence obligations in the supply chain.


Managing EPR Europe-wide

You can easily manage your EPR obligations Europe-wide yourself, with only one EPR tool and in your language. You are the manager; you can conveniently commission all downstream tasks and have them carried out. Get started right now by calling +49/40/750687-0 or send an e-mail to

Distributing electrical appliances, batteries and packaging throughout the EU means having to comply with over 80 national EPR laws. Laws change regularly, various reporting deadlines have to be met and official languages have to be mastered. Without skills and technical support, extended producer responsibility (EPR) has long been impossible to manage. This particularly affects small businesses and sole proprietorships that have neither the time nor the capacity for this full-time task. But even compliance managers of larger companies can no longer handle EPR internationally without automation. The level of human EPR overload has long been exceeded. This is why 100 EPR experts who speak 14 languages are available to you at take-e-way for the control of your international EPR.

The take-e-way customer portal is your EPR tool for WEEE, batteries, packaging, furniture and textiles in all European countries with which you can actively control and organise your EPR. The reliable, sophisticated but mature tool has been under constant development for over 15 years and is growing in tandem with legal requirements. Users of the portal are automatically equipped for all future eventualities. The following applications can be carried out with just a few clicks:

  • Follow-up of the EPR registration process, transmission of documents
  • EPR quantity reporting in different countries, incl. plausibility check
  • Download quantity notification confirmations and certificates of participation
  • Upload function for quantity notification data
  • Automatic reminders of outstanding quantity notifications
  • Key EPR registration data at a glance
  • Display of invoices, credit notes; execution of payments
  • Click tutorials for the most important functions
  • Multilingual operation
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