Batteries Act Full Service

take-e-way advises all customers and prospective customers extensively to the German Batteries Act (BattG). Answering questions on registration at the Federal Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt, UBA), for identification or for the collection of batteries, is an integral part of the consultation. On that basis take-e-way offers a Full Service to complete registration for enterprises, which offer batteries or accumulators on the German market. The obligation to take back and recycle batteries and accumulators is fulfilled by the foundation GRS Batteries.
Customers just register their sales volume at "Quantity Report Online." Many customers know this platform because they use it for the monthly report of sold electrical equipment. It is easily accessible on This is just one of the advantages of the Full Services of take-e-way: If take-e-way already handles the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) for you, handling would be easy because basic duties are the same. The duties of the Electronic Equipment Act, the Batteries Act and the Packaging Ordinance can be handled with a single contact for the consultant team of take-e-way.

The Full Service to the Batteries Act is developed with the same objective as the Electronic Equipment Act Full Service – the relief on small and medium-sized companies by assumption of all requirements and obligations arising from the Batteries Act. take-e-way offers another significant advantage compared to competitors: consulting service, registration and volume reports for all new and regular customers are offered free of charge whether you submit a German account. If you can’t exhibit an account, take-e-way provides it to you.

The Batteries Act Full Service by take-e-way includes

  • Free implementation of the registration (no fee for the application by the Federal Environmental Agency)
  • Legal certainty by completion of all requirements and responsibilities of the Batteries Act
  • Abandonment of the batteries is guaranteed by GRS
  • Monthly reporting of sales volume is just on the internet platform "Mengenmeldung Online"
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