WEEE and ElektroG: Marketplaces check registration as of 1 July
Complete WEEE Germany registration quickly now

From 01.07.2023, marketplaces must check your WEEE registration with the EAR foundation - If your electrical equipment is not properly registered, marketplaces may not allow you to offer it.


Market Compliance Check: The advantages at a glance

  • Takeover of the security of articles, products and imported goods with regard to legal requirements
  • Rapid and lasting document examination to ensure the marketability of products
  • Especially for small and medium-sized companies without an own internal quality assurance
  • Examination of technical documents provided by the manufacturer
  • Reliable information for retailers, if all documents are compliant with the legal requirements
  • Transparency and predictability of costs
  • Entire document review and subsequent improvement
  • Restriction of the financial burden on purely item-specific test costs
  • Early detection of non-conformity to law regarding commercial and company-specific product requirements
  • Avoidance of the development of an own elaborate and costly quality assurance system
  • Avoidance of the employment of own employees and their continuing education
  • Companies can focus on core competencies in product selection
  • Independence of knowledge about the legal product requirements
  • Confirmation of the marketability of the products by an official document
  • Immediate amendment of missing tests if necessary
  • Quick and easy market entry for new innovative products
  • Optional: upgrade of products with quality labels like the "GS" label
  • Promotion of products before launch through the assessment of an independent testing institute and generation of more attention
  • take-e-way is your partner in all aspects of product validation (WEEE/Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, ElektroG), Batteries Act (BattG), Packaging Ordinance (VerpackG), RoHS, REACH, GEMA, etc.
  • Only one personal contact for product stewardship and waste legislation for compliance with key legal product requirements

take-e-way Market Compliance Check

Ensure product safety and legal compliance

take-e-way Market Compliance Check

take-e-way offers a market compliance check. The market compliance check allows you to place only safe and compliant products on the EU market. take-e-way can identify your individual statutory product requirements in your target country in the EU by a special marketability test. take-e-way reviews your product documentation for accuracy, relevance and plausibility. We also review the product and package labelling. Additional laboratory tests of your product can also be included in the market compliance check, if those are necessary.

Product safety is becoming increasingly relevant

July 16, 2021 is an important date for all manufacturers, distributors and online retailers. On this date, the new Market Surveillance Regulation 2021 will apply, which will re-regulate the European market. New legal requirements will take effect. Learn how to easily comply with the new requirements in our webinar "Introduction to the new Market Surveillance Regulation 2021". Click here to register directly! The webinar will take place once a month in 2021 free of charge as part of our Product Compliance Academy.

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