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Photovoltaic modules – WEEE Service for Germany: Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act

Photovoltaics - WEEE, ElektroG and BattG full service for PV modules, inverters and storage systems in Germany and the entire European Union

The amended WEEE directive of the European Union (WEEE, 2012/19/EU) was implemented into national law in Germany by the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG). The new ElektroG entered into force on 24th October, 2015 (last modification on November 3rd 2020). Large Photovoltaic modules (>50 cm edge length) fall within the scope of the category 4 "large appliances", small photovoltaic modules fall under category 5 "Small appliances" (<50 cm edge length). Thus manufacturers of photovoltaic modules must be ElektroG registered since February 1, 2016. PV modules must be registered already before being offered or sold in Germany.

Aditionally, inverters / converters already fall within the scope of the ElektroG since 2005. Storage systems, too, must be registered as industrial batteries according to the Battery Act (BattG, Battery directive). Also this service we perform for you.

take-e-way supports famous international PV manufacturers and distributors by complete monitoring, control and reporting of PV modules: We help you in fulfilling your obligations according to the new WEEE directive, ElektroG as well as battery legislation (Battery act, Battery directive) in all EU member states.

WEEE Germany – take-e-way offers obliged PV module producers the following ElektroG services:

  • Fulfilling the obligations for insolvency-proof ElektroG guarantee for German WEEE registration board foundation EAR
  • Participating in our guarantee system >> 1st-weee-guarantee <<
  • Registration with the foundation EAR
  • Deadline monitoring and regular updating of your registration
  • Monthly quantity reporting to foundation EAR
  • Annual quantity reporting to foundation EAR
  • Execution of all communication and correspondence with the EAR
  • Fulfilment of all obligation regarding archiving
  • Organization of the disposal & recycling - only certified disposal/recycling specialized enterprises are used
  • Fulfilment of all obligations regarding archiving, proof of disposal and utilization
  • Execution of additional registration with the foundation EAR (if needed)
  • Additionally, you will receive a certificate of your partnership with take-e-way, that you can pass on to your customers
  • For customers outside Germany service of authorised representative
  • WEEE & ElektroG registration of inverters / converters (EU-wide)
  • Battery Act registration for electricity storage / electrical storage systems as industrial batteries (EU-wide)

Photovoltaic WEEE Service Europe – WEEE Full service for all EU member states

If requested, take-e-way also offers you Europe-wide services. Please get in contact with us!

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