LED Stripes – Change of the device type

The regulatory committees of the foundation EAR (German WEEE registration board) performed a revaluation in the field of lamps. New is that LED stripes are now classified as luminaires of the device type "luminaires or other lighting fixtures or equipment for spreading or controlling light that can be used in private households" of the collection group 5.

Up to now, LED stripes were classified as device type "Lamps except gas discharge lamps".

The VERE Association and take-e-way expressively welcome this practice-orientated revaluation. Concerned manufacturers benefit from significantly lower costs in the new device type (guarantee and disposal).

If you being a manufacturer of LED stripes are affected by this reorganisation, we would recommend you to check if your products are still correctly registered under these new conditions. In the meantime, take-e-way will sort out with the foundation EAR, if any costs will incur for an officially imposed reregistration.

Please do not hesitate to forward this information to partner organisations.

For any further questions, our advisory team will be glad to help you by sending an email to service(at)take-e-way.com or call +49/40/219010-65.

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