Austria: Waste Management Act and Packaging Ordinance

Today we wish to give you a brief overview of innovations and changes in the field of the Waste Management Act and the Packaging Ordinance in Austria. You should already make a note of the following topics and diary dates:

  • Deposit on disposal beverage containers as of 1 January 2025
  • Obligations for electronic marketplaces and fulfilment service providers as of 1 January 2023: The marketplaces must ensure that sellers comply with the legal requirements concerning the collection and recycling of packaging material, disposable plastic products, waste electrical equipment and device batteries. This means that marketplaces and fulfilment service providers will need to exclude sellers from the platform in the event of non-compliance. 
  • Plastic packaging is to be reusable or recyclable as of 2030. 
  • In Household collection, all plastic packaging is to be collected separately throughout Austria, and a new model for the collection of commercial packaging is to regulate the assumption of transport costs within the scope of producer responsibility.
  • Producer responsibility is extended to raising the level of awareness of and eliminating littering from certain single-use plastic products (this is usually done by the take-back system).
  • Digi-Cycle: Digital revolution for single-use deposit and separate collection:
    Digi-Cycle uses the existing collection infrastructure of the yellow bin and yellow sack, can be combined at will with the take-back system in the grocery trade with or without vending machines, and meets all the requirements of manufacturers and retailers for a sustainable deposit system.
    The successful pilot project was supported by leading companies in the Austrian beverage industry. Interested parties could download the app, scan the code on the bottle or beverage can as well as on the collection container after consumption, and stand to collect awards if disposal is carried out correctly.
    The benefit is that this can be extended to include numerous products: Beverage cartons, non-food packaging, batteries and electrical appliances; high level of acceptance by consumers and industry alike

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