take-e-way welcomes the modifications of the types of equipment in the field of lamps

take-e-way welcomes the announcements of the Foundation EAR to register the environmentally-friendly LEDs separately from the suboptimal gas discharge lamps.

(Hamburg/Germany) take-e-way welcomes the announcements of the Foundation EAR to register the environmentally-friendly and thus cost-efficiently recyclable LEDs separately from the suboptimal gas discharge lamps. This shows once again that the Foundation EAR does not unilaterally represent the interests of the large groups of companies, but the ideas of a fair competition and environmentally-friendly recycling.

From August 1st on LEDs will be registered separately from the gas discharge lamps

Only “glow-discharge lamps that can be used in private households” will then fall below the type of equipment 5 a – also those with permanently connected luminaires.

All other lamps as well as lightning control equipment will then fall below the type of equipment 5 b “Other lighting fixtures or equipment for spreading or controlling light that can be used in private households”. They also include in particular LED lamps with permanently connected luminaires.

Mercurial lamps will be disposed separately in future

Through this, it will be ensured that only gas discharge lamps (energy saving lamps/fluorescent tubes) are collected in the collection group 4 also if they are permanently connected to the luminaires. Thus, gas discharge lamps containing mercury will be disposed separately in the future.

Environmentally-friendly LEDs will be supported

Manufacturers, importers and distributers of LEDs and all other lamps except from gas discharge lamps will profit twice from August 1st on: On the one hand they have to prove a considerably lower insolvency proof guarantee amount. On the other hand the disposal costs in the collection group 5 are considerably less compared to the cost of the collection group 4.

The criticism of the disadvantaged parties came immediately

The organization of the lamp manufacturers Lightcycle criticizes the renaming in the field of lamps as being confusing and harmful for the environment. Consumers cannot differentiate if coated illuminants are manufactured according to the LED or gas discharge lamp technique or not. Thus it might occur that lamps are inserted into the wrong collecting containers which would result in mercury exposures.

take-e-way replies that it is not comprehensible that environmentally friendly LEDs are impeded in their market penetration in favor of the questionable products containing mercury by mixing them with gas discharge lamps that causes much higher disposal costs.

The problem of distinguishing between the lamps is confirmed by take-e-way. In fact there are only few lamps in the marked that cause such problems.

As an approach to solve the problem, take-e-way proposes to apply a green labeling on the sockets of new (LED) lamps. With such simple means it would be possible to solve the problem in the future without escalating costs.

Increasing market sensitivity of the Foundation EAR is recognizable

In the course of the changes in the field of lamps and luminaires the Foundation EAR has also extended the transition periods for manufacturers of lamps with permanently connected luminaires. Here also January 1st, 2014 applies – the period set in March for September 2013 is replaced.

take-e-way and the VERE Association successfully promoted for an extension of the deadline since a large part of the importers and lots of small manufacturers require more time in advance for a proper calculation.  

From the point of view of take-e-way, the repeated considerable extension of the transition period proves the fair dealing with all market participants by the Foundation EAR.

take-e-way is welcoming this fact.

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