Performance report regarding WEEE take-back by SMEs

take-e-way took back nearly 7000 metric tons of WEEE in 2016

Das Logistik-Team von take-e-way

The first year of operations of our collective take-back system for WEEE in the retailing sector has taken a very positive course, mainly due to support by our members and customers and we received a lot of positive feedback.  

Out of gratitude for all those committed pioneers in the forefront of this service, who along with us took the first and sometimes difficult steps despite multiple bureaucratic hurdles, we compiled a performance report regarding our SME-specific take-back system showcasing the results, insights and achievements of the first year.

By compiling this report, we would like to show all obligated or voluntarily operating producers and retailers of electronic devices what an effective organization of WEEE take-back in cooperation with competent regional operating waste disposal companies can look like and how multi-faceted it has been implemented in our system take-e-back.

Together with our partners, mainly SMEs, we took back nearly 7000 metric tons of WEEE in 2016. 2800 metric tons thereof resulted directly from take-e-back operations. This data was verified by an independent technical expert.

We are exceptionally proud of the achieved results, especially because bureaucratic hurdles have a detrimental effect on take-back solution participation and collection points nowadays frequently oppose excessive officialism. 
It is our sincere desire to win over more partners to further improve and develop our system and we are open to any form of suggestions, because our system relies on reciprocity and cooperation. We are looking forward to welcoming you into our midst: +4940219010770 /

About take-e-way
- Founded in 2004 in Hamburg/Germany
- Currently 35 employees
- Managers: Jochen Stepp, Oliver Friedrichs

Business fields: The take-e-way GmbH assumes the implementation of bureaucratic and operative requirements and obligations of manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors of electrical and electronic devices in Germany and abroad in the field of product responsibility according to the law (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, WEEE, Battery Act, Packaging Ordinance, etc.).

VERE e.V.: The VERE Association for the take-back and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (VERE e.V. registered association) founded in 2003 is the organization having the largest number of members among providers, manufacturers, trade associations and individuals regarding the implementation of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG/WEEE) in Germany. VERE is the founding organization of take-e-way GmbH and get-e-right GmbH that offers the WEEE authorized representative. VERE also represents the interests of more than 3,800 companies at political level.

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