take-e-way donates environmental prize money to the nature reserve Höltigbaum

The donation amounts to 1,400.00 Euros and is originated from the prize money of the second rank of the 15th SIGNAL IDUNA environmental and health award.

take-e-way-Geschäftsführer Jochen Stepp überreicht Umweltpreis-Spende
take-e-way-Geschäftsführer Jochen Stepp (r.) überreicht die Spende an den Leiter der Station Höltigbaum, Herrn Jan Hellwig (l.), und an Herrn Rolf de Vries vom Naturschutzdienst Höltigbaum.

Hamburg – The take-e-way GmbH handed over a donation cheque to the nature reserve Höltigbaum.

The donation amounts to 1,400.00 Euros and is originated from the prize money of the second rank of the 15th SIGNAL IDUNA environmental and health award which is remunerated with 4,000.00 Euros.

Forwarding the award money for environmental projects

take-e-way was awarded with the environmental prize for its take-back system for small electrical devices and energy-saving lamps which is unique up to now and donated the prize money to the nature reserve Höltigbaum as well as to the association Nutzmüll e.V. Hamburg.

The nature reserve Höltigbaum used the donation in order to renew the interactive presentation technique in the information centre "House of the wild willows".

Thanks to the new technique the nature educators are now able to enthuse the visitors for the precious wildlife and flora and to highlight the nativeness of the area compared with the areas which were subject to agricultural change.

The symbolic handing over of the donation cheque documents that the money of the award was really used for environmental protection projects.

The cheque was handed over by the manager of take-e-way Mr. Jochen Stepp to the manager of the station Höltigbaum, Mr. Jan Hellwig and to Mr. Rolf de Vries from the protection service of the nature reserve Höltigbaum who personally campaigns the preservation of the area as a natural wild pasture landscape.

About the SIGNAL IDUNA environmental and health prize

The SIGNAL IDUNA environmental and health prize of the Chamber of Trade Hamburg which is remunerated with a total of 15,000.00 Euros was awarded for the 15th time in 2011.

More than 1,200 candidates with their ideas attended the award which is taking place every two years since its coming into being in 1987.

About the nature reserve Höltigbaum

The nature reserve Höltigbaum is located in the region Stormarn in the south of Schleswig-Holstein and in Hamburg-Rahlstedt. Previously the area was used for military training.

Since there was no farming in this area, species of wild fauna and flora were maintained in Höltigbaum which have to be protected.

The fostering of the nature reserve is performed according to the concept of the wild willows by growing robust cattle and sheeps.

About take-e-way

- Founded in 2004 in Hamburg
- Currently 13 employees
- Management: Jochen Stepp, Oliver Friedrichs

Business Fields: take-e-way GmbH at Hamburg/Germany assumes the implementation of requirements and obligations in conformity with the law according to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG/WEEE), Battery Act (BattG) and Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV) for medium-sized companies in Germany and abroad.

VERE Association: take-e-way represents the interests of more than 2,700 companies even at political level in cooperation with the Verband zur Rücknahme und Verwertung von Elektro- und Elektronikaltgeräten (VERE Association for the take-back and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (VERE e.V. registered association)) founded in 2003, the organization of suppliers, manufacturers, trade associations and individual persons for implementation of the ElektroG in Germany having the largest number of members.

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