New registration obligation for packaging in Spain

The Spanish packaging law obliges producers to register their packaging. Distributors from abroad must also register through an authorised representative if they sell packaged products in Spain.

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Reporting obligation for transport packaging

The take-back and reporting obligations in accordance with Sect. 15 of the German Packaging Act have also applied to the producers and distributors further along the supply chain of transport packaging since 3 July 2021. Final distributors must inform the end customer of the facilities for returning transport packaging and their purpose in an appropriate way.

What do “appropriate measures and reasonable scope” refer to?

This information might be provided, for example:

  • via a link to a website
  • in a shop (“clearly recognisable and legible inscription at the point of sale”)
  • in the product description for the affected product
  • in a flyer supplied along with the packaging
  • alongside the delivery note
  • alongside the invoice
  • directly on the packaging
  • in a letter addressed to the customer


  • The information must be clearly understandable!
  • General hints or non-separated classifications are prohibited.
  • Understandable, clear communication: HOW can WHAT be taken back? WHERE, WHY and in WHAT way is it to be returned?

Do you need help with your reporting obligation, especially when it comes to how to be clear?

Our take-e-way services for your transport packaging

Are you a producer who regularly puts the packaging on the market? take-e-way provides expert solutions:

  • take-e-way can provide support with take-back and reporting obligations, as well as mandatory registration and the obligation to provide proof.
  • Simple, secure reporting in conformity with the law for all products brought to market via the take-e-way customer portal
  • Cost-efficient compliance with the legal regulations of the German Packaging Act
  • Reporting for all volumes of packaging, electrical equipment and batteries in Germany and the EU as a whole in an online portal
  • Comprehensive advice on the classification of packaging, recycling-friendly packaging, etc.

Request information on transport packaging according to the German Packaging Act

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