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Batteries Act: Are your batteries required to be registered with the EAR foundation on 1 January 2021?

The previous obligation to notify the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) will be replaced by mandatory registration for manufacturers of device, automotive and industrial batteries. The task of registering manufacturers will be performed by the EAR foundation (German WEEE registration board) on being commissioned to do so by the UBA. From take-e-way’s perspective, it is therefore conceivable that the enforcement of the Batteries Act from 2021 will be regulated as efficiently as under the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act. Distributors, importers and manufacturers who have not yet registered their batteries and accumulators should take action now, without any further delay.
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Compliance support for new players on the protective clothing market

For new players in the protective clothing market, but also for those who plan to market new products, professional preparation to meet the legal requirements in force is important. TMK Retail Service & Consulting GmbH supports you with research on the legal requirements as well as with the normative implementation.
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WEEE Germany: Deadline for submission of the annual statistics notification again postponed by one month

Notifications submitted after 30 April 2020 – which are actually late – will therefore not be forwarded (in coordination with) the Federal Environment Agency as the authority responsible for the prosecution of administrative offences.
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Children’s masks must be safe

Children also want to be protected in corona times. Poorly fitting FFP2 or medical masks often provide worse protection than specially adapted fabric masks (referred to as community masks). It is important in this regard, however, to observe the specific safety requirements for children. In addition to the increased requirements for the absence of harmful substances in the materials, the mask in question must also be mechanically safe. Easily detachable small parts as well as incorrect lengths of the fastening cords can be life-threatening! Recommendation: The relevant safety standards should be observed in the manufacture of children’s masks.
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Dealers of heavy current equipment have special obligations to provide information

Dealers are obliged to provide essential information necessary for use and operation of products before customers take a purchase decision. Accordingly, dealers are obliged to point out the essential circumstances during installation and operation of the goods offered. By means of its service for establishing the marketability of products, TMK Retail Service & Consulting GmbH adapts your product and packaging markings as well as your operating instructions in accordance with the statutory requirements applicable.
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German Packaging Act: Theme papers for (online) retailers and micro distributors

The German Foundation Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR) has published various very helpful theme papers on its website. Differentiated according to industry sectors – especially for retail companies, mail order companies, online retailers and micro distributors.
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Dangerous masks due to hasty market roll-out

The current crisis situation has resulted in huge demand for respiratory masks. Yet the task of importing such masks involves a complicated procedure. As a result, some products have entered the European market that do not deliver what they promise, as can be seen in the latest reports on the RAPEX list. RAPEX stands for the European rapid alert system providing for dangerous and non-marketable products to be listed – often resulting in the relevant products having to be recalled. In order to ensure that imports proceed smoothly, a few important points need to be considered, which we have compiled for you here.
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German WEEE legislation (ElektroG): Please check your registered categories - take your chance to use the period of crisis to revise and update your WEEE-compliance matters

Check your assortment of registered products concerning some possible gaps in compliance. take-e-way will be delighted to assist you. For example: According to German ElektroG legislation, electric products are classified as six different categories. For consumer products (products for private use), it happens quite often and unintentionally, that electronic products are not classified correctly according to the electro-legislation. After the crisis, the competent authorities are likely to impose fines and audits. Currently the Federal Environmental Agency in Germany is hiring additional enforcement officers in the sections of WEEE (ElektroG), Batteries Act and Packaging Act. Moreover, please note that in the field of competition law, competitors and associations specialized in warning letters are taking any chance to detect gaps in compliance.
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German government presents draft ordinance banning certain disposable plastic products

Due to the increasing use of short-lived plastic products, which are not very resource-efficient and are often improperly disposed of after use, thus contributing significantly to environmental pollution, it is proposed to prohibit plastic products for which suitable alternatives already exist.
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