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UBA checks traders in EU WEEE registers

This case impressively shows the meanwhile existing networking of public authorities in the field of WEEE. Against this backdrop, every pan-European manufacturer should be aware that the shipping options of its web shop can already lead to conclusions about the shipment of electrical appliances to other European countries.
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Packaging Act warning for entertainment software

In addition to the submission of a cease-and-desist declaration with a penalty clause, costs were demanded in almost all cases on the basis of an object value of € 10,000.00, i.e. around € 973.66.
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No sales permissible without LUCID any longer

According to Packaging Register Board Gunda Rachut, in anticipation of the tightening of the German Packaging Act, about 3,500 companies sign up daily in the Packaging Register, with a rising tendency. The driver for online retailers to contribute to the costs of disposal and recycling of their packaging in large quantities for the first time is the fear of impending bans on sales.
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Amazon advises to report 95g paper and 5g plastic per unit

As of 1 July 2022, shipping packaging added to your goods when shipped by fulfilment service providers and electronic marketplaces will no longer be licensed by them. The obligation to license these quantities (shipping packaging) is then passed on to the distributors. As a rough estimate of shipping packaging volume, Amazon recommends take-e-way customers assume 95 grams of paper and 5 grams of plastic per unit shipped as a rule of thumb when planning licensing volumes.
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Fines under the ElektroG may exceed 100,000 euros

Violation of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act may result in a fine of up to 100,000,00 euros. In principle, a fine is not limited to maximum amount, but if the profit was very much higher, then the fine may turn out very much higher, too.
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