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Observe REACh now: EU increases enforcement pressure

Manufacturers and distributors must inform consumers on request about “substances of very high concern” in products within the legal deadline of 45 days. European supervisory authorities criticise the inadequate fulfilment of the obligation to provide information. The free Scan4Chem app now enables consumers to address enquiries to product suppliers. To be able to ensure that the deadline is met, it is advisable to make preparations.
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Coordinated product safety measures imposed by EU authorities are on the rise

As reported by the news magazine Umweltruf/Europaticker, the number of follow-up measures of hazard notifications to the EU Rapid Alert System such as recalls or destruction of products increased by 10 per cent year-on-year, to reach 4,477 cases. In addition, the Commission is stepping up its work on product testing with the EU member states. The Commission will further modernise the Rapid Alert System to encourage consumers to consult the alert database and make safe buying decisions. TMK Retail Service & Consulting GmbH is available to answer your questions - please call +49/40/54090410-8 or send an e-mail message to info@retailconsult.info.
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WEEE in Belgium: New device list

Our Belgian WEEE take-back system has published an updated list of electrical and electronic devices that will be valid as of July 2020. The main change is the extension of the product list, which now includes some additional equipment that was not previously covered by Belgian WEEE legislation. Please check whether your products are affected.
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take-e-way seminars and webinars in 2020 – sign up now!

Since the corona-related interruption, take-e-way and TMK Retail Service & Consulting GmbH have developed a new comprehensive seminar programme for you in 2020, which we will gradually expand in the coming months.
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E-cigarettes: Marketing liquids in full legal compliance!

Distributors of e-cigarettes must always ensure that all ingredients they contain are known and declared. Germany’s state investigation offices carry out random checks in this regard. Recommendation: Not only does e-cigarette hardware need to be marketed in full legal compliance; special attention must also be paid to the liquids used.
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Corona short test for PPE masks has been revised

A simplified test procedure for the approval of PPE masks as medical masks has already been in place since the corona pandemic began. The Central Office of the Federal States for Safety Technology (ZLS) has now published a new revision of the test procedure with the issue date 2 June 2020. The new features include additional criteria for labelling the masks. TMK Retail Service & Consulting GmbH will support you in selecting a suitable market access procedure and evaluating the necessary documentation.
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BfArM special approval of masks was restricted

Up until now, it has been possible to market dust protective breathing masks with test certificates for FFP2, KN95 or N95 as medical devices for customers in the healthcare sector by special approval from the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). According to the BfArM, many masks were unfortunately put into circulation via this route with the aid of forged certificates that fail to meet what they promise. In addition, the market is once again sufficiently supplied with regularly certified masks, which means that special approval will only be granted for masks for which a test certificate in conformity the corona test procedures of the Central Office of the Federal States for Safety Technology (ZLS) is in hand. Accordingly, for the time being KN95 or N95 respiratory masks are no longer marketable as medical devices without verification. TMK Retail Service & Consulting GmbH supports you by reviewing the available documents, estimating the costs and selecting possible market access.
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