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The Netherlands: Draft decision on new WEEE agreement

On 17th of September, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management published a draft decision as a preliminary response to an application for a new WEEE agreement from the producers’ association OPEN Foundation. We would like to raise your attention to this draft, since, if the decision comes into force on 01/01/2021, there will be changes affecting manufacturers and importers registered in the Netherlands.
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Draft of ElektroG 3 available: take-e-way offers solutions; VERE preparing statement

The proposed amendments are aimed at improving the take-back of old equipment and to extend the take-back obligation for distributors of the equipment on the German market. The draft also includes distributors of groceries with a total sales floor space of at least 800 square metres (e.g. supermarkets). Online retailers are also to be more closely involved in taking back old equipment.
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Batteries Act 2 adopted

In order to ensure uniform standards of assessment, the task of registering manufacturers and approving take-back systems is to be carried out by the EAR Foundation in a bundled manner in the future.
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Trading platform calls for REACh declaration: trade-e-bility offers solutions

In order to validate the REACh declaration, trade-e-bility will assist you with the document analysis. The declaration must be absolutely correct without fail, otherwise conventional penalties or claims for damages may be filed by customers and the goods cannot be sold as planned.
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Market Surveillance Regulation: Online markets oblige sellers to comply

The long list of rules makes it clear why now is the right time to tackle the topic of the Market Surveillance Regulation. You do not need to be concerned, however. After all, we have taken precautions for you and have developed business solutions over the last several years which are now available to you to deal with the daunting Market Surveillance Regulation.
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