take-e-back solves the take-back problem of distributors of electrical and electronic equipment: OTTO participates in the take-back system

The Germany-wide take-back system for electrical and electronic equipment take-e-way presents the online platform www.take-e-back.com for the take-back of waste devices according to the amended ElektroG/WEEE

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The Germany-wide take-back system for electrical and electronic equipment take-e-way presents the online platform www.take-e-back.com for the take-back of waste devices by distributors according to the amended Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG/WEEE) to its customers. The principle is as simple as obvious: A system on mutual terms. OTTO supports the take-back system as one of the first participants of the trade.

Germany-wide collection points at a reasonable distance
take-e-back is the newly developed concept by take-e-way, which organises the Germany-wide take-back system for waste electrical and electronic devices. Consumers will find the nearest collection points in a user-friendly online portal, where they are able to return used electrical devices free of charge. You will find further information such as opening hours, types of electrical devices that can be given, etc. for each collection point. This additional user-friendly information will offer a service which goes far beyond the legal minimum requirements for the collection points. Furthermore, distributors can report their collection quantities.

Advantage: In addition to the collection points, the online platform provides the option to order containers and to organise the pick-up which will then be automatically assigned to the allocated partner disposal companies. The complete quantity flow will be collected via the portal, the plausibility will be validated, the quantity flow will be structured and the foundation EAR will be notified accordingly. Further improvements to optimise the portal are still being performed every day.

OTTO participates in the take-e-back system
OTTO, one of the largest German distributors of electrical and electronic equipment and devices will participate in the take-e-back system with several companies as one of the first participants in the trade and will be introducing their own collection points.

Distributor take-back even before the statutory necessity
By participating in the take-e-back system the retailers and online dealers can fulfil their obligation to take-back already before the expiry of the granted transitional period. In the meantime, a lot of consumers have already found out from the media about the obligation to take-back of the trade. However, they did not learn about the transitional period until July 24, 2016.

“The success of the collection in the trade shall not be dampened already at the beginning, since the committed consumers feel deceived by the reference to the transitional period.” said Oliver Friedrichs, managing director of take-e-way today in Hamburg/Germany. “The trade will do itself a favour, to establish take-back points at an early point in time in order to test the new requirements in the practice.”, continued Friedrichs. Thus, take-e-way will massively expand its system. Almost every day new collection points are being added.

Continuous growth of the system has been ensured
In addition to the collection points included by take-e-way for all device categories, the participating traders will include their own collection points into the system, if required. Then, these collection points will also be available to other distributors, which will participate in the take-back system.

In this constellation, the principle of the mutual collecting system take-e-back will be illustrated. Anybody who wants to participate in the system would need to add its own take-back points. Thus, a continuous growth of the system will be guaranteed.

From now on, all interested traders, producers, business owners and distributors are cordially invited to register as collection point under logistik@take-e-way.de, in order to reinforce the mutual system and to enable the Germany-wide collection of waste electrical and electronic devices and equipment in the trade.

About take-e-way
- Founded in 2004 in Hamburg/Germany
- Currently 35 employees
- Managers: Jochen Stepp, Oliver Friedrichs

Business fields: The take-e-way GmbH assumes the implementation of bureaucratic and operative requirements and obligations of manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors of electrical and electronic devices in Germany and abroad in the field of product responsibility according to the law (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, WEEE, Battery Act, Packaging Ordinance, etc.).

VERE e.V.: The VERE Association for the take-back and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (VERE e.V. registered association) founded in 2003 is the organization having the largest number of members among providers, manufacturers, trade associations and individuals regarding the implementation of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG/WEEE) in Germany. VERE is the founding organization of take-e-way and also represents the interests of more than 3,400 companies at political level.

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